1. My troubles with Skoda never ends. Watch your ASS, Skoda.

    Dear Skoda,

    As with many other customers, I am also a victim of your poor & incompetent after sales service. Your ASS only managed to deliver frustrations until now. Its been 2 yrs, and around a dozen times to the service centre. To be more clear, I own a 2012 Model Skoda Rapid and its haunting me. 
    It all started with the brakes, and still the issue is brakes. 
    One day I noticed while applying the brakes, the car was vibrating. This issue only appeared on high speed braking. High speed I mean, ~100 KPH or above. I decided to go to Service centre ASAP.
    So I went & met Mr R. Mr R, was busy in his phone and was too busy that he looked at me, but didn’t ask me to be seated. I stood there for a while. I explained my issues to Mr R. He then confirmed the issue and told this case can never be dealt with guarantee. I pointed him several other similar issues and Skoda’s advisory on replacing the disc. Mr R told me, he can’t do anything. If I pay, he will do the job now. Else they can’t. Mr R was like doing a favor for me, that was his attitude. This was the moment when I thought of the famous Skoda ASS. People like Mr R should have certainly contributed to your ASS. Now I know, he is not the right person to speak with. So I spoke with the Manager, he acknowledged the issues and replaced the disc under guarantee. But it was not as easy as it sounds. I had to go to the service centre thrice and my car was with them for more than a Week. This was that aha moment, I realized about your ASS.
    After a couple of months of trouble free run, I found that the ABS warning light was on. I spoke with Mr R on the issue. But as the ABS warning light was not present at that time, he refused to take the complaint and told me he cant do anything. That was as simple as it sounds. So I spoke with the manager and he sent me to Mr S. Unlike Mr R, Mr S seems to be better in managing customers. Mr S later told me, he had cleaned the brakes, it should have been issue with dust. 
    The very next day, I found the ABS warning light glowing again. This time also I rushed to the service center, and met Mr S. As usual Mr S, cleaned the brakes and told me there is no issue with Brake or ABS sensors, they have checked it thoroughly.
    This didn’t last long. The ABS warning light was again blinking. Also I noticed a squeezing sound from rear while braking. So as usual I headed straight to Service centre, spoke with Mr S on the issue. Mr S promised me he will look into the issue in detail, and will call Skoda Engineers to have a look into it. I was send back and as the second periodic service was nearing, he promised me to look into the issue then. I was not comfortable driving my car with ABS warning lights on and Squeezing sound from back while braking. Yes I paid a million bucks to own this car, and this is how its now. Hardly clocked 17K km. I kept wondering where is the so called European build quality. I didn’t used my car as usual again. It was hardly used when my secondary car is not available. Even though the service men told, I can continue using the car as usual.

    After fixing my appointment I gived my car for regular servicing & told Mr S clearly that I NEED EVERYTHING TO BE FIXED, AND DONT MAKE ME TO COME AGAIN FOR THIS ISSUE. SO TAKE AS MUCH TIME YOU WANT. They kept the car for 2 days. And finally I got the call. There is an issue with spring pad in rear, it has been changed. This should stop the squeezing noise on braking. And regarding the ABS warning light, thats the most funny. They replaced the sensors and told me it was fault with sensor. Seriously Skoda ? It was my fourth appearance reporting the same complaint and its only then you discovered there is a fault in Sensor ? What have you been doing there when I reported early ? And you repeatedly told there is no issue with sensor either. Now as my friend joked, probably Skoda has just removed the sensor, so that the warning light never shows up (Now I am praying, let it remain as a joke). After paying the bill, I took the car for test drive. THE SQUEEZING SOUND WHILE BRAKING IS STILL PRESENT. The most shocking thing is yet to come. When I reported this, they took a test drive and acknowledged the issue. Mr S told me there was a problem in fitting the spring pad earlier, it was not proper. It should have been fixed now. This came as a shock to me. Seriously. Is this your so called professionalism ? Is this the way you fit and change things ? The real shock was yet to come. The PROBLEM IS STILL NOT SOLVED. Still the car is having a squeezing sound at the rear on braking. Some times it so loud that near by commutors look at my car, to see whats happening. The car was taken to garage thrice today and still the sound is present. Your incompetent ASS could’t find the problem. Ok. But I have already paid the bill, believing Mr S that the problems have been resolved. I feel pitty for myself.

    There where also many other problems like issue with gear, and locking tendency on braking. Its all a story for another mail. But I am not concerned with it any more. I felt many times to go public with the issues I am facing. The incompetent service centre and support. The frustrations of maintaining a Skoda. But I never wanted to make your already spoiled ASS worse. But this is that moment, I will never ever recommend a Skoda. 

    I seriously feel like cheated. How many times I need to visit your ASS to solve a problem ? Will you be responsible for the time loss, the leaves I took, the frustrations, just to fix a car ? 

    Now I was send back home promising to check the car with Skoda Engineer later. And Mr S, dont forget that this is the second time you are telling this. He also asked me to report this issue directly to Skoda, and will text me the contact details. False promises as always. And now I am in a situation ‘what to do next’. I have a million rupee car that makes squeezing sound while braking, a problem that service center acknowledged and reported as fixed. A problem that I paid you to resolve. A problem that is never solved. Now it sounds like a Skoda now. The prize of following my heart. 
    I know that the only action you are going to take is to forward this to the corresponding service centre. In my case Marikar Engineers Pvt Ltd, Kochi. And I don’t expect anything more from you.

  2. Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it.

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